Saturday, 18 April 2015

Happy List

Kind of stole this idea off of my sister's blog, but oh well :p. Here is a list of 5 things that have made me happy this past week and why.

1) The cleanliness of my room.

I'm a neat freak anyway but I recently did the biggest clear out of my room, it was a proper spring clean, and my mum even painted it for me while I was in Rome, and now that it's done I feel so much happier. And I have already started decorating my room with cute new cushions and signs and things (pics to come soon) and it just makes my room look very put together.I always like when I have a proper tidy room because I feel like I can get on with my study and work, so I'm glad that everything is all neat and tidy.

2) Getting stuff done!
Speaking of studying I have had a lot of work to do these past 3 weeks (my Easter holidays off from school) because I'm studying for my GCSEs, and you may think that I should be terrified about them and when it comes a month from now I most likely will be, but right now I'm happy with how things are going and I'm getting through all the studying and all the little jobs I've had to recently do with ease, which has made me surprisingly calm, as opposed to my usual amount of panic.

3) My new plant :)

Despite my mum thinking that plants in bedrooms are weird, I managed to convince her that having one in my room would be nice (even though I was probably more excited about the colour of the plant pot to be honest). I don't really know why having a plant in my room suddenly makes me feel happy, but for some reason it does, so it's staying.

4) Yummy fooooooddd

Honestly one of my favourite bits about being on my break away from school is that I can eat whatever I like, whenever I'd like to eat it. I'm one of the most fussiest eaters (I've been told :/) so school lunches aren't exactly my favourite thing (to say the least) so when I'm at home, I love it when my mum treats me with my favourite iced coffee drink (that's from starbucks, but I technically got it in waitrose) and a yummy salad mmm :).

5) The weather
Spring weather is always a bit unpredictable in the UK but for two days it was super sunny with a high temperature which was so nice because it meant I could study and do stuff outside, instead of just being holed up in my room. Even though the high heat and temperatures from those days didn't exactly last, it's still lovely weather where I am; I can go out in a t-shirt and not freeze my arms off. To me, this is the type of weather that I like at this time of year, because if I want to go outside and study, then I can, but if I want to stay indoors, I don't feel like I'm wasting the sunshine or being cooped up either. I really hope the weather stays like this when I take my exams, and then it can be hot for the whole summer plleeeaaasseee.

So there you go, five things that have made me happy this past week :).
Love Imi xx


  1. Room looks fab Imi! Did my room get done too? ;) nice plant, isn't that the one I wanted from homebase?! Wish I didn't have so much study to do so I could be at the beach :( xoxo

  2. Thanks bista, haha suuurree and dunno maybe, I wish I didn't have to study either :( xx