Thursday, 16 April 2015


I decided to post a little OOTD not because I'm any type of fashionista or anything (all though I like to think I am) it's simply because I like to keep record of my favourite outfits or items of clothing by photos, and I thought why not share it on my blog for others to see :).

Sunglasses~ Forever 21, Mesh Hoodie~ H&M, Vest Top~ Forever 21, Ripped Skinny Jeans~ River Island and my black Converse.

I love this outfit mainly for my new hoodie. You can't exactly tell from the photo but it's a mesh material which makes it perfect for this weird and variable spring weather in England. I also loooovvveee my sunglasses; I always find it hard to find sunglasses that suit me because I have a very round face but I really like the look of these. Forever 21 has an amazing selection that's very big for anyone who is struggling like I was.
Love Imi xx


  1. Hahahahahaha moonface ;) looking lovely, love ripped jeans sooooo muuuuch :D
    why aren't you commenting on my blog?! you're a rubbish sister! also, would you like me to do a wee interview with you and introduce you on mah blog? Think it could be good! xo
    amber love

    1. P.s. did mam take these photos?! Surprisingly good! ;)

    2. I prefer football face actually ;) hehehe and oooeee yeah sure that'd be lovely bista :) and haha yes she did (it took a few attempts to say the least). Xx

  2. Gotta love a good pair of ripped jeans! And your hair looks flawless. Care to share your haircare routine for us struggling with making our hair look normal? HAHAH

    P.S: You and your sister are adorable! (Comment on her blog!)

    Newest follower on Bloglovin' woot woot!
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